Once the capital of the British Empire, Calcutta remains the cultural capital of India with a strong tradition in literature and fine arts.A mere village about 300 yrs. ago, is today one of the biggest  cities. It is also the Gateway to the beautiful north eastern states of India, where the visitor can only gaze in wonder at their pristine beauty. Places of interest are Fort Williams - the first fort built in Calcutta, Victoria memorial, the Indian museum, St.Paul's Cathedral, Birla Planetarium and Botanical Gardens. 


Darjeeling at about 7000 ft. above sea level, is a beautiful hill station on a mountain ridge amisdt delightful forest scenery. It  is built on a long spur projecting northwards like a letter "Y" from the Senchal-Singalila range. It is the premier hill station near Calcutta. The legendary Darjeeling tea is cultivated here. The trip from new Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling by the 'Toy Train' is a memorable experience. Among the places of interest are observatory hill an excellent place for a view of Kanchenjunga and Himalayas, Ghoom Monastery, Alcobar Monastery, Himalaya Mountaineering Institute, Zoological Park, Tiger Hill and Llyod botanical gardens.


Gangtok (1500 m) meaning "Hilltop" is the capital of Sikkim. Gangtok still retains its charming architecturul style with pagoda like wooden houses, painted turquoise roofs and colourful bazaars. Among the places of interest are stupa of Do Drul Chorten, Enchey monasteries, Rsukla - Kuang, The Royal Chapel, Namgayal Institute of Tibetology for learning the language and Tradition of Tibet and Mahayana Buddhism, orchid Sanctuary and Deer Park.


Kaziranga or the Kazirangha National Park is home of the famous one horned Asiatic Rhinos.It is spread over an area of 430 sq. kms the park also abounds in wild elephant, water buffalo, several species of Deer, bison, tiger, wild boar, hollock, gibbon, python and many other species of wildlife.It is also breeding ground for pelicans and a host of resident and migratory birds


Bhubaneswar,is the state capital of Orissa, once had more than thousand temples including greatest  house of worship -Lingaraja temple . The temple city, capital of an ancient kingdom and modern state, quintessence of the land of the past and the present that is Orissa, still reverberates with echoes of the past amidst its bustling modernity. One is struck with the magnificence of three ancient monuments that dominate the skyline; the soaring spire of the Lingaraj temple, the white dome of the peace pagoda of the Dhauli hill and the pink temple of Mahavir Jina in the Khandagiri hills, which epitomise the rise and ascendancy of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism during different periods of Orissa's history. 


Puri is abode of Lord Jagannatha, literally lord of the world, one of the four holiest of holy places of India, Puri is the place of colourful festivals round the year, of which the most celebrated, the "Rath Yatra", annual festival of chariots in the beginning of the monsoon has attracted pilgrims and tourists for centuries. The city is also a home -of numerous artisans and craftsmen who produce rare and exquisite handicrafts of large variety.Puri, situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal is also a city of outdoors, of lovely beaches, golden sands, and the gentle sunshine, tempting enough to invite vistors, both Indian & Foriegn throughout the year.


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